x2 Turf

Enjoy the road less traveled with the Segway x2 Turf. It's rugged, tough and designed to conquer the trail ahead without disturbing the landscape.

The x2 Turf is similar to its sibling, the x2, but adds sleek, low-pressure turf tires to complement its rugged exterior. Independent turf studies have proven these tires are gentler than golf carts on the most discriminating landscape - golf fairways - ensuring you can navigate a variety of terrain without leaving a mark. Scratch resistant fenders and higher ground clearance provide a smooth, stable ride, and the durability you've come to expect from Segway.

x2 Turf Specs
Weight Tire Diameter Footprint Max Speed Range
120 lbs 8in 21 x 33 in 12.5 mph Up to 12 mi
54.4 kg 20cm 53 x 83 cm 20 kmh Up to 19 km
x2 Turf At a Glance
Wireless InfoKey™ controller
Low-pressure turf tires are gentle on any terrain, including landscaped areas
Saphion® lithium-ion batteries
Rugged fender frames double as lift handles, making transportation into or out of a vehicle quick and easy; frames also accommodate cargo accessories

Product Brochure (PDF) - Click Here